Mobile Monopoly – What Is It?

Posted in Mobile Monopoly on August 24th, 2010 by cherman

Mobile-Monopoly-ReviewMobile Monopoly, created by Adam Horwitz, gives people the opportunity to jump on the wave of mobile marketing right as it’s starting and gives them the chance to make more money than they could have ever thought possible! It is formulated in a way to help you learn as fast as possible to get you started with your own mobile marketing business by advertising products and services to Smart Phone users world-wide and earn easy commissions when they buy the products you are advertising.

In the Mobile Monopoly course, Adam will guide you step-by-step with easy to follow video tutorials to show you exactly how to succeed with making real money with mobile advertising in the following modules:

• #1 Getting Started – This is a great intro to starting your Mobile Marketing and sets you up for the rest of the modules.

• #2 The Method – This module sets the foundation for what is to follow and gives you the secret formula Adam uses for success in mobile marketing campaigns.

• #3 Ad Platforms – We take a look at several mobile advertising platforms including an actual view of each one and how to join.

• #4 Why Go CPA – Learn exactly how to find 1000′s of great offers to promote using the Mobile Monopoly strategies and how to easily be approved by CPA networks so you can start promoting rather than worrying about being accepted.

• #5 Clickbank Time – This shows you exactly how to leverage the power of email marketing with the 1000′s of products on offer in Clickbank to make a real killing.

• #6 Getting Physical – Shows you how to monetize your mobile traffic with physical products too.

• #7 Pay Per Call – Shows you exactly how to use Pay Per Call and how to combine this with your affiliate marketing techniques.

• #8 Local Biz – Use your “expertise” in mobile marketing to advertise for local business.

• #9 Your Own App – You learn how to create an app yourself, or how to outsource this to be created for you, and how you can utilize your own apps to create even more income for yourself.

• #10 Wrapping Up – Once you finish this module, you will be a true expert in Mobile Marketing and will be able to go out and start your first campaigns or you can copy exactly what Adam does in his campaigns and start making money straight away.

As you can see, this product is packed with useful information in an easy to follow step-by-step process that can be beneficial both to those just starting out in mobile marketing or the seasoned veteran looking for that extra edge!

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